Saturday, January 3, 2015

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Submission format for RADIO & AudioBook/Podcast:
  1. SETH: (Recovers... somewhat.)   Well, sir,... that ...ugh.. that will be a little difficult. You see ugh... we ... ugh...don't have permission, ... we don't have a permit. We are here, well,.. illegally. We could *find you a nice comfor...
  2. GUNNY:   (Interrupting.)   *Illegally, huh? Now that's a god damned cryin' shame, private! I've been votin' Republican all my life. I know my rights! I'm here legally! You're worse off than me. Ya' see, this here (Exposing a badly scarred leg.) That's not much of a leg left ta' stand on, thanks to the Taliban, but that's OK... I volunteered for my country. But you, private, you don't have any legs a'tall ta' stand on. Heh, heh. Now ain't that a bitch?
  3. SETH:   (No response. Turning to the Nguyens.)   Sorry, sir.
  4. GUNNY:   Don't get smart with me, private!
  5. SETH:   S-s-s-s... Yes, sir. I meant... . Just being polite, sir.
  6. GUNNY:   (Waving his arm about.)   What's all this occupy business. Looks like a damned field operation ta' me. 
  7. SETH:   All these people are a part of America's ninety-nine percent. Most are working long hours for little pay,... with no benefits,... no pension,... no medical insurance. Some have had their homes repossessed, some homes are in foreclosure. Most have lost their jobs. Some, me, are underemployed. The Nguyen's shrimp boat was repossessed and their home is in foreclosure. We are all part of the ninety-nine percent. The remaining one percent, control more than fifty percent of the financial wealth in this country.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

! Competition !

Monthly themed monologues and short plays needed.  On-going, no submission fee, no deadline.
Thistle Dew Dessert Theatre, with KTDT-  DR (Digital Radio), is always creating a series of rib-tickling funninesses, laughably moving wacky slap-sticks, side-splitting comedies, dramatic action-packed jocularities, hilariously electrifying stories of mayhem, humorously riveting absurd monologues and short plays.
Submission call is for Tarradiddlers: monologues and plays to fill our Liar's Lair!
(CLUE?   Pinochio was one of the original Tarradiddlers.   Isn't almost everything written in fiction...  Tarradiddling... spinning yarns?)
EXAMPLE: Excerpt from Rump Roast Recipes! By Barbara Kokonas:
"Butler and I traveled to the Gobi Desert a few years ago.   There were rumors of a desert mole with huge haunches.   Descriptions were unbelievable, mostly because they were lies. Anyhow, we didn’t find any moles, but there is a big ass camel that runs wild in the Gobi.   We hired a guide and servants, all that jazz.   I saw the damn camel!    Saw it through my binoculars!   Boy, oh, boy did it ever have a huge rump!   I actually started salivating!" ....
All themes MUST be comedic, funny, amusing and/or humorous 
Deadlines are the 15th of each month prior to production by our KTDT-Digital Radio and Studio Stage Players.
Contining calls:   Super Heros (Of your own making)     .
Tales Told After School (No identifiable names).   Halloween (need I say more?).   November:  Thanksgiving Dinner with the family.   December (November 15 deadline): Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus.
Contact Tom: .   Expect immediate response.
STRICT FORMATTING RULES FOR COMPETITION SUBMISSIONS:   Monthly themed monologues and short plays to eliminate formatting by KTDT staff and for easy reading by the actors.   
8.   IN .doc FORMAT

(An eighteen-year-old Asian girl, MITZI (MYUNG- SOOK, mm-yung-sook) enters humming the popular tune she is listening to on her cd player plugged into her ears.   She is carrying an easel, a folding stool and a bag with other artist’s equipment.   Her hair is brilliant red, a sign of cultural defiance, and she is dressed in the defiant fashion of the day: hip hugging jeans and a short tank top and sunglasses.)

  1. MITZI:  (Humming a Korean tune.)   Mmmm-mmm-mm.  (At the sight of the old man she screams.)   Igo-sun Ol-ma-im-ni-ka!  (Old fool!)   Old fool!   You scared the crap out of me old man.   What are you doing?   What the hell are you doing up here, on my roof?   Don’t you know we’re five stories up?
  1. FYVUSH:   Of course I know we are five stories up.  My mother and father owned this building for more than forty years.   Long before you were born.   I grew up on these walls, young lady. This was my playground. Tevi and I used to play on this roof. We used to ... (pointing along the wall) to run around on ....
  1. (Lights down, MITZI freezes at her easel, as FYVUSH at the age of 10-12 years, runs along the top of the building’s walls.   He is joined by a young TEVI.   They cavort playfully yelling and at those below and creating mischief.   As the lights come up they disappear behind the set and MITZI continues.)
  1. MITZI: (Continues as if nothing has transpired on set.)   That was probably seventy-five years ago. How old are you?
  1. FYVUSH:   You are right. I’m seventy-nine.   It was about seventy, seventy-five years ago.   We arrived on the boat from Germany in nineteen and twenty-eight.   I was still baby.   Two years.  Just in time for Depression.   How old are you?
  1. MITZI:   Eighteen. (As she is setting up her easel and painting equipment.   She faces the Hudson River with her back to him.)   Well, you can’t stay here old man.   This is my “playground” now.   I need ....
  1. FYVUSH: (Interrupting.)   I will be very quiet. You won’t know I am here. I won’t disturb you.
  1. MITZI:   Yes, you will.  You don’t understand.   I need my solitude!   You, know, sol--i--tude.    Alone.   I can’t have anyone here spoiling my concentration.   Now get down before I call the super.