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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Submission format for RADIO & AudioBook/Podcast:
  1. SETH: (Recovers... somewhat.)   Well, sir,... that ...ugh.. that will be a little difficult. You see ugh... we ... ugh...don't have permission, ... we don't have a permit. We are here, well,.. illegally. We could *find you a nice comfor...
  2. GUNNY:   (Interrupting.)   *Illegally, huh? Now that's a god damned cryin' shame, private! I've been votin' Republican all my life. I know my rights! I'm here legally! You're worse off than me. Ya' see, this here (Exposing a badly scarred leg.) That's not much of a leg left ta' stand on, thanks to the Taliban, but that's OK... I volunteered for my country. But you, private, you don't have any legs a'tall ta' stand on. Heh, heh. Now ain't that a bitch?
  3. SETH:   (No response. Turning to the Nguyens.)   Sorry, sir.
  4. GUNNY:   Don't get smart with me, private!
  5. SETH:   S-s-s-s... Yes, sir. I meant... . Just being polite, sir.
  6. GUNNY:   (Waving his arm about.)   What's all this occupy business. Looks like a damned field operation ta' me. 
  7. SETH:   All these people are a part of America's ninety-nine percent. Most are working long hours for little pay,... with no benefits,... no pension,... no medical insurance. Some have had their homes repossessed, some homes are in foreclosure. Most have lost their jobs. Some, me, are underemployed. The Nguyen's shrimp boat was repossessed and their home is in foreclosure. We are all part of the ninety-nine percent. The remaining one percent, control more than fifty percent of the financial wealth in this country.